Wrapped Candy and Things to Know about it

Crushed Wrapped Candy

This candy type is one of the special candies in the candy crush saga. If you need to know what a wrapped candy is, or how to use it and how to make it, then you have come to the right place. This article covers the entire topic including how to wrap special candies that will be helping you beat all the levels in the game.

The wrapped candy is like a regular candy but just in a small square wrapper that forms the covering of the wrapped candy. If you remove 5 candies into a T-shape, L-shape, or an A+ shape, then you could create a wrapped candy quite easily.


What is the purpose of the wrapped candy?

When a wrapped candy is activated it bursts twice and forms a 3-candy formation; this is known to clear all the 8 candies when the explosion occurs.


How can a wrap candy be useful?

A wrapped will work great when in a particular level or any other level it has to break through some multiple barriers. It could also be done to clear the area. But once again you could easily form an exploding candy and prove to be very effective if you have meringues squares or chocolate that might be blocking you.


You earn 200 points to wrap each candy and you can also earn 200 points when they are formed. Once a wrapped candy bursts, it will clear 8 candies from its surroundings through which you could make 540 points.

The best thing about wrapped candy is the fact that they possess the power to clear the entire board, if they are combined with a striped candy. After color bombs, wrapped candy is actually most powerful thing in candy crush.

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