Level 209 is the ninth level in sweet surprise and 53rd ingredient level.  To pass this level you have to bring down two cherries and two hazelnuts and score 40,000 points in 50 moves. As there are 60 licorice swirls at the bottom resisting the special candies will be difficult to destroy and reach them at the bottom at the board.  To clear the licorice swirls combines two wrapped candies. but the licorice  swirls that are present  at the beginning of the game  limits the number of candies  which can appear on the  board  causing shuffling to happen quite often and mess up with the plans. Follow the candy crush hint and tip for level 209 to beat the level.


  • Candy crush hint and tip for level 209: Dispose of the licorice swirls

At this level your first aim is to pass the sea of licorice swirls. If you don’t do so the ingredients will not fall. Striped candies will do wonders. If you use it against the licorice swirls it will prove futile as they will swallow the effects of both wrapped and striped candies. Try to give your best and clear them until your board opens up. Once the ingredients are below them you should be good.

  • Candy crush hint and tip for level 209: Free and combine the locked wrapped candies

You have a great way to clear a cluster of licorice swirls and your board has supplied you with them. From the marmalade free two wrapped candies and combine it. After combining these two wrapped candies it will take out the swirls and will make a nice way for the ingredients to fall.


  • Candy crush hint and tip for level 209: Don’t waste the free color bomb

You have also been provided a locked color bomb .you can use the bomb to clear a candy that is blocking your exit to fall an ingredient.  You can also combine it with other special candy. If you can do this it will multiply its effects and will clear even large path for the ingredients.