Catching Upto Candy Crush? Are You Game?

Ever since its launch in 2012 on Facebook and subsequently on iOS, Android and Windows, Candy Crush has emerged as the game of games for people of all age groups. Many people have confessed that it being the only game on their devices which only proves the game’s addictive capabilities. In 2013, Candy Crush went on to become the most popular Facebook game, surpassing Farmville 2, enjoyed by an average of 46 million monthly users. It’s a simple match a group of three puzzle video game. The game is updated in regular intervals and gives the option of playing the difficult versions of older levels.


Types of Candies and Combination

For all the people, who are yet to get addicted to Candy Crush, this article is for you. One needs to swipe the candies to match three or more candies of the same color to get rid of them to proceed in Candy Crush. However, there are combinations as well to unlock all the levels of the game. There are many kinds besides the plain candies like Striped, Wrapped and Color Bomb. Matching 4 candies in arrow gives you a Stripped one while 5 in a row give you a Color Bomb. On the other hand matching 5 candies in ‘L’ or ‘T’ form will earn you a Wrapped candy. There is still one more type of candy .i.e. the Rainbow candies which are introduced from Level 306. Each candy is of dual color and changes color after every move. These are often marmalade in cases and are cleared like normal candies. The game keeps on recommending moves before you’ve moved the candies, it’s advisable to follow them only when one is out of moves.



The game also has paid and unpaid boosters like Lollipop hammers which breaks the candy, Jelly Fish booster which eats the tiles behind the candies, Coconut Wheel which gives Striped candies, Luck Candy helps beat the candy order levels, Mystery candy provides a useful tool for a concerned level and Booster Wheel which let’s the user earn prizes.


Obstacles and Blockers

Like every game, Candy Crush also has a number of blockers and obstacles to prevent you from clearing the levels and forming the desired combinations of candies; Chocolate blockers can multiply; Chocolate Fountains keeps on creating chocolate even after clearing it off the board; Bombs that indicate the number of moves required to clear it are capable of costing a life of your game. One needs to watch out for Licorice, Licorice Xs, Meringue, Multi-layered Meringue, Marmalade, Toffee Tornados, Conveyor Belts and Cake Bombs to be the ultimate champion of Candy Crush.

Candy-crush-basics-blockers 1

Candy-crush-basics-blockers 2


To ensure that the game is not reduced typically to a children’s game, there are various levels like Target Score Level, Jelly Levels, Ingredient Levels, Timed Levels and Candy Order Levels to test your brains.


So, what are you waiting for? With these tips, you are no fully equipped to crush your way through Candy Crush.