Candy Crush combos and how to use it

Owing to the exploding popularity of the three puzzles matching video game called Candy Crush since 2012 on Facebook and later for iOS, Android and Windows platforms, knows no boundaries even after three years. People are addicted to this game like drugs. Some even went on to confess that they have had fights over Candy Crush with their significant others many a times. It went to become the most played game on Facebook defeating Farm Ville 2 with 46 million averages monthly downloads in 2013. Kings, the developers of Candy Crush keep on updating it periodically to keep the players hooked. Candy Crush Combo is basically the best thing in candy crush.

By now, everyone might have been well familiar with the basics of Candy Crush and might as well crush their way through the game, at this very moment. There are various types of candies that need to be swiped through to clear the levels. Ever since it’s launch people are trying to devise various permutations and combinations of candies to get rid of them. Apart from various episodes and boasters and obstacles that constitute Candy Crush, there are special candies to help you sail through the game a little smoothly. Here we present to you the various combinations of special candies one can create to be a pro at the world’s current ace game: Candy Crush. Combining two special candies creates far greater effects than combining three plain candies.



Things to remember about candy crush combos

Candy Crush Combos information: Combining Two Striped Candies

One of the easiest candy crush combos to spot; will activate both the candies. Both the candies will clear a horizontal and vertical column respectively. This combo is capable of clearing candies as well as chocolate but not licorice. It should be used when there aren’t any combo left or want to clear rows or columns of jelly, chocolate etc.


Candy Crush Combos Information: Combining Striped and Wrapped Candies

This candy crush combos clears three rows and columns simultaneously. One can clear a large number of candies in the form of plus sign off the board. It should be used to amplify effects of two striped candies and to clear way for the ingredients to hit the base and to achieve targets.


Candy Crush Combos Information : Combining Striped and Color Bomb

When a Striped candy and Color Bomb is matched, all the candies similar to color of striped candy are converted to stripes along with subsequently exploding. It’s hard to find this candy crush combos as bomb can be moved only after activation. It should be used to clear the entire board when the stripped candy is in large quantity.


Candy Crush Combos Information : Combining Two Wrapped Candies

This match does not creates a big impact, only clears two boxes around both the wrapped candies. It should be used in target score levels and clearing off jellies, licorice etc. close to the candies.


Candy Crush Combos Information : Combining Wrapped Candy and Color Bomb

The game’s least effective match only clears the candies similar to the color of Wrapped candy. It should be used when same color candy needs to be cleared.


Candy Crush Combos Information : Combining Two Color Bombs:

This candy crush combo clears the entire board and is the best, however, it is hard to find, and it should be used whenever it is available.