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Lucky Candy in Candy Crush Saga

Boosters also known as power up are a key that make candy crush different. Without boosters, players can lose interest, as there are some levels that are impossible to cross so boosters like lucky candy and many more helps to complete the level and be in the game. Lucky candy is a pink candy with a tick on it. This booster is only available after completing level 130 that is on level 131 we can use lucky candy. It releases candies and help you to meet your objectives or goals. When you will mix any candy with lucky candy, you will get that candy that you want to collect to complete that level. Therefore, if you need a striped candy to complete the level, the lucky candy will turn into it when it will match.  Most of the time you will get striped or wrapped candies but sometimes you will get more to that. As lucky candy happens randomly, the special candy will transform to something that you want for that level.

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What’s so lucky about Lucky Candy?

Lucky candies cannot be made through combinations it can be released through mystery candies.  Mystery candy can be useful as it can turn into color bomb. If you are lucky enough then lucky candy will appear on the first level itself and will drop as much as candies to continue the game. Lucky candy can be of any color with a mark. You can match it with other same color candies that can be very useful for you.  If the lucky candy will produce wrapped or striped candy then the color can be different and random. If you match, a special candy like color bomb with any color candy and if there is same, color lucky candy in the board then by matching with each other the lucky candy will be activated.

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Know more about Lucky Candy

Lucky candies help to collect six striped candies to complete the level.  Lucky candy is useful but depends in the order of the level. If there are 99 red candies then it is not at all useful but if there are 10 color bombs then lucky candy is extremely useful, as it will turn to rare color bomb.  If you have completed all wrapped or striped candies then lucky candies will produce only color bombs further. Lucky candy can be the reason for winning or losing the game.

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