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Licorice X Blocker in Candy Crush

Licorice X blocker can also be called as liquorice cage, liquorice lock. It is second kind of licorice blocker in the game. It is a common and difficult blocker in the game. It looks as a blocked door and has a dynamic X formation shape over the candy and licorice surrounding outside the square.  It can be cleared only by the effect of a special candy and matching the candy that is under the blocker combining other two, same color candy. The candy that is under the blocker is matched, you will get sixty points for that but it will disappear.

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Things to know about Licorice X Blocker

Licorice X bloker is similar to locked door or cage. To clear the locked candies you must make a move as they contain candy they cannot move on their own. This appears in level 77 but they also appear in later level like 129, 161 where it gets more difficult as the moves get limited.  It is often used as a barrier between chocolates or meringues. It is destroyed by every special candy blast. Color bomb and striped candies can clear this blocker.  It is much harder to match with a locked candy. As this blocker contain X it is very difficult to clear it. After clearing the X, you have clear the candy so you need second time for clearing it after removing the X.

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What needs to be done while dealing with Licorice X Blocker

To clear licorice X blocker you need to match color candy or special candy combination. In some levels, you will get licorice X in a row so clear than its better to take off to make a striped candy to remove them out quickly. It prevents other blockers from spreading. The chocolates cannot take the place until and unless the licorice X is cleared. Once it is cleared, the chocolates can take the place this is one of the benefit of Licorice X blocker. To clear licorice X wrapped candies as well as striped can both are useful. However, with striped candy, it is much easier and it can clear more than one X in one move. To clear it you should see that the striped candy is in the same line with licorice X after activating. If the licorice lock or X is destroyed in Facebook version is will disappear and in mobile it will break into pieces.

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