Licorice Swirl Blocker in Candy Crush

Licorice swirl blocker also known as licorice wheel is a common second type blocker that involves licorice in candy crush. It looks like a swirl of liquorice and have a cream dot in the middle. It first appears in level 81. At this level, there are two blank rows at the bottom that is blocked with licorice swirls. It has no color and cannot contain a candy but it has a dynamic swirled shape. This comes in two different forms in the game. One is licorice swirl, another is licorice Xs, and when they come together in a level, it is known as ‘bash bros’. Like candy bomb, licorice swirl is also moveable.  Though you want to clear all licorice swirls but you have to keep in mind that you have only 32 moves so you have to focus to reach your goal.

candy-crush-licorice-swirl-blocker four

Things to know about Licorice Swirl Blocker

It is a unique blocker as it can be clicked and switched with another candies. Though licorice swirl blocker do not have any color, joining three or more in a row cannot be cleared. It can be only cleared by other candies. Once you have cleared licorice swirl more can fall from the top, it can be one or two or it can take the entire columns.  It falls like normal candies and it destroys when a match is made either side, below or above. Licorice swirls are easy to remove by making adjacent move to them.  These licorice swirls are resistant to color bombs and special candies.  It can be also used to insulate areas of the board from special candy blasts. Just like icing and chocolate, no candies are in the same square as the blocker. It can absorb effects of special candy.   To make a valid move you can also swap it with a normal candy.

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Licorice Swirl Blocker and things related to it

When you will form or activate a striped candy next to licorice only the swirl will be cleared not the entire row. It has one good thing that it can stop chocolate blockers from spreading. Combination of a two-color bomb and two-wrapped candy can knock licorice out to absorb in a process. In Facebook version, they make a ‘blop’ sound when they are destroyed. When they are destroyed, the sound they make is being delayed about three quarters of a second.

candy-crush-licorice-swirl-blocker two

Some more information about Licorice Swirl Blocker

Wrapped candies without a noticeable change of the effects of the candy will destroy licorice swirl blocker. However, if a striped candy blasts with licorice, the blocker will get destroyed but it will also absorbs the blasts with it. The same thing happens when a striped candy combines with color bomb as they ultimately turn to striped candy. Licorice and other candies will stay as it is beyond the first and that makes hard to clear the huge numbers of them and restricts some of your combos.

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