Level 50 is the fifteenth and the last level in Chocolate Mountains and 26th jelly level. You have to clear 33 double jelly squares and score 33,000 points in 50 moves to beat this level. In this level your obstacles are a bunch of licorice X that covers the jelly squares surrounding four central gaps. Create striped candies as it can cut out the central jellies and licorices. Licorices protect jellies so each caged square needs to hit thrice. Candy crush cheats and tips for level 50 to help you to cross level 50 easily.


  • Candy crush cheats and tips for level 50:First clear locked candies

To clear the locked candies in the middle use striped candies. You will be able to take out the double jellies but not the licorice X. To clear the licorice X you need to do adjacent moves. The sooner you can clear the licorice locks the sooner the empty jelly space will fill with a candy.

  • Candy crush cheats and tips for level 50:Work inwards

Working inwards can help you to make moves that can have a chance to use striped candy to wipe out a column. While making this strategy work bombs can be useful as their primary and secondary blasts can open up an entire side of the board for further combos. Try to form vertical striped candies as that can clear out the entire column of jellies.

  • Candy crush cheats and tips for level 50:Make a color bomb

In this level color bomb is very useful even if you use it on its own. Clearing any color will help you to create cascading matches and will open up more moves for you. You can use color bomb to clear licorice or you can also save it for later to combine it with striped candy and round up all the remaining jelly.