Daily Booster Wheel on Candy Crush

The players addicted to Candy crush have good news regarding a new thing on the game. Candy Crush Saga has introduced Daily Booster Wheel in the game that released on November 27, 2013. The new element in the game will help the people addicted to candy crush saga and they are very happy with this new element in the game. In the mobile version the icon is located at the top left of the screen. Daily Booster Wheel can be used only once in 24 hours. When you will spin this booster wheel, you will get a free booster every time. In many difficult levels, people use to be stuck and quit the game. Therefore, king added this booster wheel so that they can get some extra help and pass the levels and can continue the game.


Daily booster wheel and more info regarding this

When you will click on the wheel, it will show bunch of boosters on the wheel. There are 10 boosters with a jackpot that you can win with a handful candy crush for free. This wheel can be spun anytime within 24 hours but only once. It offers eight different prices so you will win a booster every time you spin. To stop the wheel the player can press the blue sign ‘stop wheel’, which will slow down the wheel and to which the pointer will point when it stops  whether it’s on lollipop hammer, jelly fish, coconut wheel that booster will be yours for free. There are eight different boosters in the wheel; some great boosters as if lollipop hammer, jelly fish, striped candy and wrapped candy combination, coconut wheel, a red free switch hand and color bomb and if you are lucky enough you can also win the lucky candy or jackpot. If you earn jackpot you will earn three lollipop hammers, three-color bombs, three lucky candies, three striped and wrapped combos, three jellyfish, three coconut wheels and three free switch hands.


Things you must know about daily booster wheel

This Daily Booster Wheel is now available on Facebook and mobile also. To get the boosters free you need to log in first either on mobile or on Facebook. Without connecting to the Facebook, the player no longer can get boosters without paying. If you sign out of the Facebook, the boosters will be stored and can be used later. Internet or cellular data should be there to use this wheel and you can spin only once either on Facebook or on mobile. The boosters that are on Facebook cannot be transferred to mobile. Free switch, which contains of one-sprinkled chocolate balls and the four-fingered jelly hand booster, will help the players to switch two adjacent candies in the game on Facebook.



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