Color bombs in Candy Crush

Each candy specials do have their own special effects through special formations. Various candies that you make in the candy crush saga include, color bombs, striped and also wrapped candies. Here in this article, we tell you how to create a special candy crush. We will also show you how to prepare them and how to use the special candies to reach your destination and break all records and levels of this game. See how you can use color bombs and cross various levels.

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Color Bombs – Candy Crush

Define color bombs?

Color bombs are one of the black chocolate balls that are covered with rainbow sprinkles.

Creating color bombs

Color bombs can be created through matching of 5 candies in one row.

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What are the purpose of a color bombs?  

Once the color bombs has been swiped off with a regular candy, it will remove all candies that have the similar color from its board.

  • Formation of one color bomb will earn you 200 points.
  • Earning 200 points when it is formed.
  • You could unlike a wrap candy from the stripped candy, as a color bomb activated automatically as you try moving it, even then it won’t match with all the three candies of similar color.


Color bombs – how is it useful?

The color bombs candy is the hardest to make, but you must keep in mind that they are useful as well. It has the potential to clear up large amount of candies as well. It is useful to open up moves, fulfilling all order levels and also clearing up of leftover candy that is found inside the jelly piece.

So, if you are a fan of candy crush and you want to make overcome the stages, then you will have to rely on color bombs a lot, because they can make the task much easier.

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