Level 205 is the fifth level in sweet surprise and 52nd ingredient level.  To pass this level you have to bring down two cherries and two hazelnuts and score 80,000 points in 40 moves.  You might run out of moves before all the candies and ingredients start to come on the board, especially when the locked candies are guarded by the licorice swirls.  In this level you will have 10 move candy bombs and a new one spawns in every other move. You are given a color bomb so that you can destroy the licorice swirls the six colors make it difficult to make special candies. Follow the candy crush tip and hint for level 205 to beat the level.


  • Candy crush tip and hint for level 205: Make an opening with color bomb

Make an opening at the top so that candies can fall. Use color bomb to do this that is in the middle. Try to combine two color bombs together. It will repeat twice in the rows of the licorice.

  • Candy crush tip and hint for level 205: Use vertical striped candies

After the opening clear the licorice. The best way to do this is to use vertical striped candy. You can also make striped candy combo like wrapped and striped candy or color bomb and striped candy.


  • Candy crush tip and hint for level 205: Focus on clearing a new ingredient

Do not take too long on a single ingredient. If you take more time, then the next ingredient will not fall until you clear the current ingredient. It means that you have to keep it going. Do not stuck on a single ingredient for so long otherwise you will not have any moves left when you will get to your last ingredient.



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