Level 198 is the thirteenth level in caramel cove and 21st timed level.  To pass this level you have to score 15,000 points in 60 seconds. The holes in the board limit the matches and make it difficult to spot combinations. As a result your one minute will be used quickly in searching for the possible moves. Once you have started freeing the marmalade coated candies you will rack up points. Work from the bottom and try not to waste your time trying to find a move. After completing the level sugar crush will be activated.  Follow the candy crush tip and hint for level 198 to beat the level.


  • Candy crush tip and hint for level 198: Work around the holes

At this level the holes are your main obstacles which will prevent your progress.  Just focus your moves at the middle column and row and also at the edges. Initially aim at the sides so that you can clear the marmalade and meringues so have more space.

  • Candy crush tip and hint for level 198: Free specials

On the boarders, there are striped candies. Clear the marmalade which traps the specials it will only take adjacent matches to get cleared. Clear the specials on the edges to get points and to clear meringue and marmalade. It will give you more room. Whenever possible, make your own specials and combine them together.


  • Candy crush tip and hint for level 198: Time crunch

You have only 60 seconds, so make every second count. If you cannot understand what to do just pick the first match that you see. You can use the hints if you cannot find anything else to do.  Whenever possible, try to get time bonus candies and extend it as long as you can.




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