Level 201 is the first level in sweet surprise and 88th jelly level.  To pass this level you have to clear 23 single jelly and 48 double jelly squares and score 135,000 points in 50 moves. In this level you have lots of jellies to clear and there are two islands and one big peninsula. The six colors may make it difficult to make special candies. You are provided with three color bombs, though it will not clear all the jellies on the islands unless they are combined with other special candy. Follow the candy crush hint and tip for level 201 to beat the level.


  • Candy crush hint and tip for level 201: Special candies

Though 50 moves seem a lot, but you have to use your moves very wisely. Try to make special candies as much as you can because it is the best way to clear jellies in two sections on the bottom. Color bombs will be the best and then the striped candy and then wrapped candy. If you cannot create a combo, then make a match at the bottom of your board so that you get new candies to clear lots of jellies in just one turn.

  • Candy crush hint and tip for level 201: Make wrapped and striped candy combos

Try to combine a wrapped and striped candy combo on either right or left side of your board. It will clear the bottom two boxes of the isolated jellies. as they are only single layered jelly a well-placed wrapped and the striped candy combo  will clear an entire square of jellies in one turn.


  • Candy crush hint and tip for level 201: Use striped and color bomb

If you get striped candy lined next to color bomb, but you don’t have not enough candies of that color you can clear few candies in another row so that more of that color candy falls down. If you are at the end of the level and you have some jellies left to clear, then use a color bomb on a color to clear difficult jellies.



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