Level 200 is the last and fifteenth level in caramel cove and 51st ingredient level. To pass this level you have to bring down one hazelnut and score 10,000 points in 35 moves. It can be difficult to deal with four layers icing and the chocolate spawners. The only way to destroy the icings on the left side is to use horizontal striped candies or its combinations. You are already provided 11 striped candies at the beginning blowing up at the best three layers of icing if they are not activated at the wrong time. A striped candy is provided in each row. Follow the candy crush hint and tip for level 200 to beat the level.


  • Candy crush hint and tip for level 200: First break the top blocks

On the top row there are four blocks which you need to break. If you don’t break it the new candies will not fall and most probably you will fail.

  • Candy crush hint and tip for level 200: Four colors candy is a plus

In this level, there are four different color candies. It makes it easier to match the candies and to make power ups. To rack up more score use this aspect and try to make horizontal striped candies to take out rows of the column which is isolated to the left.


  • Candy crush hint and tip for level 200: Don’t use color bombs or wrapped candies alone

In this level color bombs and wrapped candies are ineffective. As there are lower amount of different colors, you will make one of these special candies most likely.  Use them only when they are combined with striped candy because the attack will be devastating and will work well for this level.


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