Level 197 is the twelfth in caramel cove and 86th jelly level. To pass this level you have to clear 36 double jelly squares and score 80,000 points in 50 moves. The board is divided into two parts to make it more difficult. You are provided with 12 wrapped candies on the bottom of your board. Follow the candy crush hint and tip for level 197 to beat the level.


  • Candy crush hint and tip for level 197: First make vertically striped candies

At this level you cannot make moves to clear the jellies until you unwrap the marmalade covered candies. At first your moves should be vertical striped candies to hit any of the six columns which contain marmalade. Once the marmalade is broken you can swipe two wrapped candy together to make a special candy combo. It will trigger a chain reaction which can explode all wrapped candies. The columns that are close to the middle are the most effective one to clear jellies.

  • Candy crush hint and tip for level 197: Focus moves on the bottom

After utilizing all wrapped candies you should have many moves left and hopefully many meringues and jellies are cleared. Now your main focus should be making moves on the bottom as much as possible. If you make moves at the top you may waste your moves and it is difficult to position special candies and combos in useful ways. Matching three regular candies can also open the meringues to clear the jellies stuck in the boarder.


  • Candy crush hint and tip for level 197: Use special candy combos

The striped and sprinkle candy can help you on either side of the board. So if you do not have moves on the bottom this is a good combo to make. Striped and wrapped candy combo is also good at the bottom as it will hit all columns and rows which contain jellies.

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