Level 180 is the tenth level in cupcake circus and 46th ingredient level. To pass this level you have to bring down two hazelnuts and one cherry and score 45,000 points in 35 moves. A row of two layers icing and two rows of locked candy bomb blocks the lower part of your board can make the level harder.  The three peninsulas that are in the top of the board make it difficult to create and make use of special candies.  It is difficult to bring down the ingredients   as the bottom peninsula is surrounded by candy bombs and blocked with licorice swirls. Follow the candy crush hint and tip for level 180.


  • Candy crush hint and tip for level 180: Don’t worry about the bombs

Do not waste your moves to clear the bombs. You have 35 moves and 35 on the bomb as well, which means you don’t have to clear them to get through the level.

  • Candy crush hint and tip for level 180: Reset the board

Though this is an ingredient level, but here you will benefit a lot from knowing what makes a strong board. Two elements you should look at this level.  First look at the top and see that whether the ingredients are ear to each other or not. The ingredients should either be in the column next to each other or very close together. If the ingredients are too separated, then you may have to waste your moves trying to clear the bombs. Once you have spotted the board with clustered ingredients tries to look for one which has strong opening moves to clear multi layered meringues.


  • Candy crush hint and tip for level 180: Only clear lines with ingredients

The ingredients will be in the columns already which will let them pass so you just have to set your moves to get them down. At this level vertical striped candies will be your biggest asset.


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