Level 556 is the eleventh level of jelly wagon and 240th jelly level. To beat this level you have to clear 18 double jelly squares and score 40,000 points in 35 moves. All 18 double jellies are isolated from the main board and only reachable through special candies, special candy combination included. Mystery candies and five colors make this level a little easier. You need luck to win this level.  This level completely depends on whether you get beneficial or detrimental items from the mystery candy.  The chocolate spawners might stop the flow of candies. Here are some candy crush cheats and tips for level 556 to help you to cross this difficult level easily.


  • Candy crush cheats and tips for level 556: Get those mystery candies

Any object from the game can be in this mystery candy. A jelly fish can be there. A color bomb can be there. A striped candy or chocolate square or a bomb can be there. It can be anything. This is a game which rewards risk takers. You need to activate this mystery candy whenever you get a chance. The mystery candies will continuously rain from the top of the screen throughout the course of the whole level.  Keep activating them for some sweet prizes for maximum win.

  • Candy crush cheats and tips for level 556: Chocolate fountains

The chocolate fountains are literally and metaphorically fountains of chocolate blockers. Destroy the chocolate blockers as soon as they appear to prevent them from going viral and taking over your board. Chocolates spread without any remorse or mercy.


  • Candy crush cheats and tips for level 556: Special candy combos

The special candy combos are the greatest tool in the fight against jelly tiles, blockers and collecting colors.  Use the special candies from the mystery eggs to make wild displays of candied passion all across your board. It is especially important in this level as the jelly tiles are isolated at the bottom of the screen and cannot be matched through traditional means.  The special candies are your only option to win. Be comfortable as you know that there are no licorice swirl blockers to stop the striped candies.



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