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Candy Crush Cheats and Tips For Level 3

As you are in level 3, you are getting used to candy crush and understanding that matching more candies will give you more points. After beating level 2, you are rewarded with level 3 and the game is tougher as you cross each level and goes to higher levels. Therefore, here are some candy crush tips and cheats for level 3 so to help you out in beating this level. In this level, you have to score 4, 000 points in 18 moves. Candy Crush Cheats and Tips For Level 3 are the best way to crack the level.

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Candy Crush Cheats and Tips For Level 3: Special candies

In this level 3, you will learn to create special candies. To make striped candies match up four candies of the same color candy. It will clear the entire row or columns, whether horizontally striped or vertically striped. Wrapped candies are made when you match same color candies so to make an “L”or “T” shape. It will clear the candies that are around them. The candies that are horizontally will clear the entire row and the candies that are vertically will clear the entire columns of candies. Special candies clear at once so it will be useful for you to reach the goal. As there are 18, moves and you have to score 4,000 points make sure each move that you make should count to reach your goal.  Match striped candy with wrapped candy, to make a giant candy and it will clear three columns, and rows in just one move and you will score tons of points. It is not necessary to be of the same color. You can match any striped candy with any other wrapped candy.  It is best to use striped candies in the center. It removes the full column or row of seven candies. Carry on reading if you want to know more about Candy Crush Cheats and Tips For Level 3.

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Candy Crush Cheats and Tips For Level 3: special combos

This level is assembled same as level 2 but it is slightly smaller. It is a seven by seven grid and the corners are cut out. It forms two columns of five at the top and bottom and left and right. Each mix gives you a special bonus that you cannot get in regular combos. This is also a target score level like level 1 and 2. While playing a target score level you can face other blockers such as jelly, bombs and meringue. Concentrate and make moves to increase your score. So, if you are looking for Candy Crush Cheats and Tips For Level 3 then this is the best place to find it.

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