Level 141 is the first level in gingerbread glade and eleventh candy order level.  To beat this level you have to collect 30 blue, 30 purple and 30 green candies and score 10,000 points in 24 moves. The five colors lessen the difficulty of this level. It may be difficult as there is a lot of difficult to break blockers, especially the three layered icing which spread across some parts of the board which essentially reduces the board size when they are not removed.  Some candy crush cheats and tips for level 141 to help you out.


  • Candy crush cheats and tips for level 141: Clear the meringue

This level is filled to the brim with double and triple layered meringue. For regular double layered meringue you have to clear the adjacent candies twice and thrice for the triple and chocolate covered meringues. Try to clear the meringues as soon as possible. It will open your board for more possibilities and more room to collect the orders. The special candies help to get rid of the meringues. So try to clear the meringue in each move or form special candies.  You do not need to clear all the meringues but keep your eye on the score and the orders that you need to complete at this level.

  • Candy crush cheats and tips for level 141: Form wrapped candies

At this level wrapped candies are very useful as they can clear lots of meringues and can also collect many orders at once. Whenever possible form wrapped candies and look for L shaped candies.  Try to clear the wrapped candies near the meringues or candies of the color that you need.


  • Candy crush cheats and tips for level 141: Combine special candies

At this level, combining the special candies will make the biggest impact. Combine striped candy with wrapped candy to knock out three horizontal and vertical rows.  This can make a big dent in the meringues. Whenever possible, try to combine striped candies with color bomb. You will clear your board and collect the orders in no time.


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