Level 136 is the eleventh level in water wharf and ninth candy order level.  To beat this level you need to collect one striped candy and striped candy combination, one wrapped candy and wrapped candy combination and two color bombs and score 30,000 points in 40 moves. It may be difficult to combine special candies, especially the wrapped candies and producing the color bombs.

The cascades will be either good or bad here, especially with five colors.  It will lead to the production of special candies to occur more often.  However the special candies which you need for combos may accidentally get activated. Some candy crush cheats and tips for level 136 to help you cross this level.


  • Candy crush cheats and tips for level 136: First clear the chocolates

To increase your moves and get the most opportunities to form special candy combos you have to quickly clear the infringing meringues and chocolate. By keeping the chocolates under control earlier in the game will help you and you do not have to sacrifice a good board.

  • Candy crush cheats and tips for level 136: Stay low

Frequently the cascading candies help to make special candy combinations. Try to make your moves on the lower of your screen to help to keep the chocolates at bay and help to bring down the candies to help you make special combos. By combining two wrapped candies is very difficult at this level. So, rather than focusing on the other two, you need to focus on that candy order.


  • Candy crush cheats and tips for level 136: Do not preserve striped candies

There will be a temptation to preserve special candy combinations. But as how mush candies will go through your board some special candies will go to set off. Do not preserve the striped candies that are easy to make.  Use them to clear infringing chocolates.




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