Level 204 is the fourth level in the sweet surprise and 22nd timed level. To pass the level you have to score 40,000 points in 45 seconds. If the special candies are not set off quickly, then the 5 locked 9 move candy bombs at the bottom can be problematic. You have 12 moves to dispose them. The board shape also provides less opportunity to make special candies though there are only five colors. The three striped candies in the marmalade are provided for you to clear them. Follow the candy crush tip and hint for level 204 to beat the level.

  • Candy crush tip and hint for level 204: Unlock the striped candies

At this level, there are 3 striped candies in the marmalade which you have to free. Remove the marmalade by freeing the striped candies. After freeing them activate it. This will free the wrapped candy that is in the middle of the bombs. You can use any special candies to clear the bombs. Don’t forget this is a timed level so be quick.

  • Candy crush tip and hint for level 204: Destroy the bombs

Next disarm the bombs that are in the middle of your board. Now activate the wrapped candy, which is surrounded by the bombs. It will destroy all the bombs and will increase your points.


  • Candy crush tip and hint for level 204: Score the remaining points

After destroying the bombs you are almost near to achieve your goal. But if didn’t reach 40,000 then make special candies to beat the time limit. Even without doing these steps you can achieve your goal by just making special candies in the surrounding area. At the end sugar crush will activate the special candies and turn +5 candies into wrapped candies adding additional points   to your final high score.