Candy Bomb in Candy Crush Saga

Candy Bomb also known as Time bomb. It should not be confused with color bomb. It is one of the most difficult obstacles in candy crush. It appears with a number inside it in level 96. The number depends on the level it appears. It can be fifty or three as well. With every move, the number will be reduced, the time it will reach zero the candy bomb will burst with the whole board and you will lose the game.   It is one of the most hated elements in candy crush as you can lose the game instantly if you do not clear the bomb I time. The time you will make a move then only the number will be reduced so you have time to think before making a move.


More About Candy Bomb in Candy Crush Saga

This candy bomb has count moves like 50 moves in level 470, 49 in 440, 40 at 755 or 35 at 180, 258, 407, 502 and 747, mere 4 at 192 and mere 3 at old version at 275. Mystery candy spawning bombs can have a long or short count moves.  At level 370, it holds the most number of candy bombs around 77 of them. By matching, three normal candy or special candy combination or if the special candy is activated it can break or destroy the candy bomb.  By another way a candy bomb can get cleared if a piece of chocolate blocker absorbs it. If striped or wrapped candy is blast or spotted then the candy bomb will be cleared. When you break a candy bomb, you will get 3,000 points for each. When the candy bomb is been broken and cleared the candies will take the place of it. At level 97, the player can unlock Bomb cooler that increases the candy bomb’s time by 5 with the help of a booster.


Things to know about Candy Bomb in Candy Crush Saga

It is important to destroy the candy bomb before it reaches zero so that the bomb do not burst and you can continue with the game. For $1.99 you can buy a diffuser to diffuse the candy bomb so to earn 5 more moves to clear the bomb. You can move a color bomb to make other combinations though they are not stationary.  The old version of level 275 it had 3move, with the new version it increased to 8. With the dreamland in level 192, it has 4 moves now. Candy bombs will not be shuffled even though your board runs out of moves and the pieces are shuffled. A candy bomb looks like a normal colored candies. Candy canon at level 261 can produce bombs. The best way to remove the lock and this bomb is to activate a wrapped candy around it.


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