Blockers in Candy Crush

In Candy crush, there are obstacles or blockers to stop or to prevent you from clearing and forming the candies. Some obstacles can be cleared, some cannot be and some can in multiple moves and in later levels, you can see some blockers can regenerate. Some candy crush blockers are:


Chocolate blockers in candy crush

In the beginning level if the chocolates are not destroyed it will regenerate. To clear or remove these chocolates you have to use special combinations or use adjacent combination to chocolate. Until and unless all the chocolates have been cleared, it will generate in each time.


Marmalade blockers in candy crush

It is the easiest blocker to destroy in candy crush. It appears in level 14. It covers a candy with a jelly like substance.  To break the substance you have to destroy the adjacent candies. If a candy combo with another candy, matches that are under marmalade you can destroy the marmalade but not the candy. To break the candy you have to match the candy again.


Single Meringue blockers in candy crush

This appears first in level 21 and often can be confused with whipped cream, pie, rocks.  Normal meringue is the easiest block to remove. By using special combinations or making an adjacent combination of candies, this can be destroyed. If there is a jelly under the single meringue then first you have to destroy the single meringue and then the jelly.


Locked candies blockers in candy crush

In candy crush, locked candies are another blocker. This is a hard blocker to destroy. In the game, it will come often. A locked candy first appears in level 25 of the game. You have to combine a special candy or arrange it in a straight line with the locked candy to destroy it.


Licorice swirl blockers in candy crush

At level 81 of the game it appears first. It looks like a swirl of black licorice. You can switch it with candies and this is the most uncommon feature of this blocker. It is resistant with special candies and this is the biggest problem. Color bomb combination is the only candy that can destroy licorice swirl.

Multi layered meringue blockers in candy crush

Another common obstacle in candy crush is multi layered meringue. They often take the place of candies and very hard to destroy. It first appears in level 111 and can be removed by making a straight line of adjacent candies. There are five different layers of meringue, sometime there is a jelly also, and you cannot destroy the jelly until you are destroying the meringue.

Chocolate Fountain blockers in candy crush

This is one of the most annoying blockers in candy crush. At level 156, this appears first and it cannot be destroyed itself. By bubblegum troll, you can stop this temporarily. This beat all the chocolates temporarily and you can continue with the game.

Cake bomb blockers in candy crush

This appears first in the level 344. This is the only block that takes up four squares and round cake looking blocker. To destroy the cake bomb you have to simply destroy the adjacent candies and pieces of the cake.

Toffee Tornado blockers in candy crush

In 411 level this appears first. This type of blocker can be useful at times but it get destroyed when it moves. If it destroys a wrapped candy then the wrapped candy will be explode this is the unusual thing about toffee tornado.

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